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Rent a Car When You Travel

Traveling for business again? Leave the family van or sedan behind and rent a car for your travels instead. By renting a car you are putting wear and tear on the rental car instead of on your personal family car. However, did you know that traveling is not the only reason to rent a car? Some people might choose to rent a car when they have a job interview or even to impress someone on their first date. According to a car article, other reasons you might rent a car include: to drive off into the sunset on your wedding day, to be showy at your high school reunion, to impress your date, to make a great first impression during your job interview, for long road trips, or just convenience of using a rental instead of your own vehicle. Some other reasons you might consider renting a car versus driving your own car include: useful pay-as-you go plans, cheaper than driving your car, looking for a smaller car, want to be seen in a fancy car, for the opportunity to drive the latest model, for the purpose of going on a business trip, and to take a test drive.

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